Fresh Baked Bread and Rolls

The legendary Julia Child once said, “How can a nation be great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?” Here at The Market in the Square, we couldn’t possibly agree more. Fresh, oven-baked bread and rolls are a daily necessity, which is why our bakers craft these delicious delights from scratch with only the finest ingredients around.

Our baking techniques harken back to an old-fashioned time when bread was carefully kneaded and crafted from the heart. That’s why each and every one of our bakers know the secret to mastering expressive, quality bread that comes ready for our customers and their families to enjoy. The same level of care applies to our rolls. Whether sweet or soft, they are beautifully plumped to perfection and served warm for all of our customers.

With such delicious fresh-baked breads and rolls, it’s not hard to see why The Market in the Square has earned its reputation as one of the best family-owned supermarkets in all of Western New York.

For more details regarding our bread selection, be sure stop by and see us in the Southgate Plaza today. All of our bakers would be happy to help with a custom order or pick-up – but don’t be surprised if you stick around for more!