Cooking a big meal takes valuable time out of your day, but fast food and take-out options will quickly add to your waistline and could potential teach your children bad habits. Market In the Square gives you the perfect in-between with healthy, flavorful, quick meal solutions in West Seneca that you can pick up and enjoy at home. With an already prepared lunch and dinner ready for you when you get home, you can spend more time with your family enjoying mealtime instead of cooking it.

Our prepared lunch and dinner options may be quick and easy, but they are neither unhealthy nor unsatisfying. We use fresh produce from local suppliers so every ingredient is crisp and tasty, and our chefs prepare every meal with care. Whatever you are craving, we have a recipe that you will love; from stuffed shells, mouthwatering lasagna and ziti, to a baked or stuffed chicken, Italian or Polish sausage, cabbage rolls, deviled eggs and a smorgasbord of desserts, the list is endless. Whether you are picking up lunch or dinner for your family, your colleagues, or bringing a dish to a party, we will help you save time without sacrificing great flavor.

Take a look at our menu and pick up dinner tonight that you can sit down and truly enjoy. Stop by our shop and pick up your quick meal solutions in West Seneca today.