Simply Essentials

Functional Foods Are The Future


With Simply Essentials Beef, your customers are getting the simple foods they love with the essential nutrients their bodies need. Our beef goes beyond the basic nutrition with the addition of up to 400% more omega-3 fatty acids and up to 40% less cholesterol. Now that is a functional food and that is the future of foods. Simply Essentials’ goal is to bring a full menu of functional foods the whole family can enjoy including beef, pork and dairy products.


Better Feed Makes Better Beef

We all think about what we put in our bodies. But at Simply Essentials we have been thinking beyond that-we have been thinking about what we put in the bodies of what we eat. We raise our cattle on family farms in the Midwest and feed them an all-vegetable flaxseed based diet. This subtle change in the diet has not only benefited the cattles’ healthit also packs a nutritional punch for us. With up to 400% higher omega-3s than conventional beef and up to 40% less cholesterol you are receiving a better beef that is better for you.

Better Tasting Beef That’s Better For You

We’re not talking about some marginal increase in nutritional values. We’re talking game changing differences. We’re talking about 400% more Omega-3’s than conventional beef. That’s not marginal. That’s big. That falls in line with taking supplements. And we’re talking about 40% less cholesterol, which is the kind of difference that will make your cardiologist a repeat customer. When it comes to taste, tenderness and juiciness, we’re beating every national brand in blind taste tests. That’s not bragging — that’s fact and we dare you to prove it yourself. We’ll even provide the beef.

Simply Essentials raises our cattle on a proprietary flax-fed diet that raises the omega-3 fatty acids and lowers cholesterol for a higher quality all natural Black Angus beef. Better cuts, better taste, better for you. It’s time to Rethink Beef!

Midwest Laboratories Inc. Nutritional Analysis in compliance with NELAC requirements. Numbers based on a raw 4oz serving size. Percent Daily values (%DV) are based on a 2,000 Calorie Diet.

References: USDA: National Nutrient Database for Standards References Midwest
Laboratories Inc. Nutritional Analysis in compliance with NELAC requirements.


The Market is proud to offer, USDA Choice Black Angus Simply Essentials Beef!
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